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In late 2010, Jon put out a call for like-minded musicians to join him to form a Hardcore Punk / Hip-Hop Fusion band. It was Christian Bailey (Bass), Rolen Brandy (Drums) and Luke Morgan (Guitar) who answered that call and Broken Chakra was formed. Meeting in a studio based in London Bridge, the band began to form their unique fusion of original music.

By 2013, Broken Chakra had been moving around the scene, building up a fan-base wherever they could. It was then the band started recording the EP Fractured which was released via the Jon Kennedy Federation and Sony Worldwide digital release distribution.

During the Summer of 2014, Rolen Brandy departed from Broken Chakra and, through mutual contacts, found Oz who had completed a European tour with The Dirty Rich a few months earlier.

With Broken Chakra going from strength to strength, the band got to work with new drummer Oz and started writing new material. They headed over to Pyramid Studios where they recorded the upcoming EP Circle of Truth which was mixed, mastered and engineered by Dave Pemberton. Soon after the recording of the Circle of Truth EP and before its release on 11th September 2015, Broken Chakra underwent another change to the line-up, this time parting with guitarist Luke Morgan.

With the departure of Luke, it left the band quickly needing a guitarist. It was then Oz called his cousin Yus of female-fronted metal band Nothing Gained, who were currently on hiatus, to pick up the guitar duties.

In February 2016, the bands co-founding member Christian Bailey decided that his journey with Broken Chakra was over. With European tours and a return visit to Sweden all in play, the band had to regroup and find a key replacement. Ross McAllister, a funk and soul veteran from Scotland, joined and brought his own unique style to the melting pot of styles that is Broken Chakra.